Title : Test post by Jewel

Product Type : New
Product Quantity : 1 Ton
Product Location : Dohar,Dhaka
Post Type : Retail
Seller : Jewel Kuri
Seller Location : N/A
Seller Rating : 0.0
Follow Seller : Follow
Delivery Condition : Paid by Seller [Note: To fix the delivery charge please discuss in Live Chat]

Bidding Summery

SL. Bidder ID Bid Price
3 N2022Z292 720
2 N2021M43 715
1 N2022Z292 710


  • Fill up all required information correctly whatever applicable for your product.
  • Product specification must be disclosed.
  • Delivery area and terms & conditions (if any) must be disclosed.


Type : New
Model : 102
Color :
Delivery Area : Dhaka,
Posted By N2021K54 / 1 week ago

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